Queer As Films - One Nation Under God (1993)

26 October 2009

In 1979, Michael Bussee & Gary Cooper, leaders of the Christian ministry Exodus, after years of trying to help homosexuals recover into the blessed life of heterosexuality, announced that they had fallen in love -- with each other. They soon left their wives, married each other and began speaking out against the ex-gay movement.

With that, the documentary "One Nation Under God" takes us into the world of ex-gays and ex-ex-gays. Psychologists and psychiatrists are also interviewed regarding the truths and the myths of changing one's sexual orientation. With a good overview of various therapies ranging from casting out demons to beauty makeovers to "orgasmic reorientation", this film also contains historical footage that offers an insight into the political, social and personal desires that fuel this movement.

As ex-gay ministries take hold of Malaysian churches, many counselors have also been influenced by the outdated psychological theories touted by the movement. Join us as we speak to Pang Khee Teik and Yuki Choe, who are proudly ex-ex-gays themselves.

"The sincerity of these Christian and psychological groups is all the more chilling when it is compared with the activities and doctrines of the Nazis a few generations before." -- All Movie Guide

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Date: Sun 8 Nov, 2008

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