Kopi Talk: Gay Relationships - The beginning of a new journey (Part 1)

24 March 2010

the beginning of a new journey

(PART 1 & 2)

Date: 28 March 2010 (Sunday) – Part 1

17 April 2010 (Saturday) – Part 2

Time: 3.00pm – 6.00pm


Gay relationships! Complicated? Difficult? Or just too much drama to deal with? Do you even believe in them or not? Whatever you may choose to believe, starting a relationship can be a very nervous time, so what are some common methods and ways this plays out? Relationships are probably one of the major pieces of the puzzle that many gay men are still unsure about. Many of the previous sessions we have had in the last few months were ultimately leading to this issue and hopefully many of your questions will be answered. If it is not, you probably still have a lot of soul searching to do! Or maybe, you are not really ready for a relationship. Well, just as yet, at least. At the end of this session, we will better understand what relationships are all about and if it is what you want!

who you will meet & WHO SHOULD ATTEND

This session is designed as a safe space for gay or bisexual men for those between the ages of 18 & 30 years old

SESSION methodology

· Facilitator led group discussions, activities, videos & games filled with experience sharing

· Group discussions & scenario analyses

· Gain the insight of others & individual selves

· Focused & fun-filled networking opportunities

Programme Facilitator

Julian sanjivan

Julian Sanjivan is the Executive Director of JV Marc International Corp. At the moment, he is actively involved with PT Foundation in advocating the awareness of HIV & AIDS & is in the midst of preparing to pursuit his MBA

what you will Gain

PART 1 – 28 March 2010

Dating, Relationships & The First Few Months.

What relationships do we see around us? What are the different forms that they can take?

What are our values towards different types of relationships – Religion, belief, principles, culture, sex, love or companionship?

Why consider relationships? Is a relationship the best answer for you?

When is the suitable time for you to have a relationship? When do you start committing to a long term relationship?

Who is the suitable type of guy for you? How do you find the suitable guy that you want and where?

How do I negotiate the type of relationship that I want?

If you require more information/ or if you would like to register, we can be reached at:

PT Foundation

No. 7C/1, Jalan Ipoh Kecil,

Off Jalan Raja Laut,

50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



(603) 4044 4611



(603) 4044 4622








*Note: - For venue information, please register with us at ptf@ptfmalaysia.org

- Admission is open to all but limited to first-come-first-served basis

- Register now as places are limited!

- Materials & refreshments included

- Please contact Jeremy or Julian via email or telephone to register

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