PT Foundation Song Auction by Rozz Ritzmann at No Black Tie

08 April 2010

Come join us Sunday, April 11th at 9pm at No Black Tie to enjoy the fabulous Rozz perform and engage you with spectacular songs and performance!

PT Foundation will benefit from a Song Auction during Rozz’s performance this Sunday – where the winning combination of Will Quah and Daphne Iking will auction off all your favourite songs for Rozz to perform on stage. All proceeds will go to PT Foundation to help us furnish our new HIV Testing Centre. Some come enjoy the show and bring along your chequebook to support PT Foundation.

A performer that defies anything generic, Rozz’s stage appearances are often vigorous and engaging. Trained as a classical vocalist by Anne Ridgeworth from the early age of 4, Rozz has since dedicated himself to the study of music and theatre. His education and career as a performance artist eventually landed him at the epicenter of the actor’s domain: New York City, where he was featured in various on and off-Broadway productions. Come and experience Rozz’s spectacular show and support PT Foundation! Call No Black Tie to reserve your tickets at RM40 on 03 2142 3737.

Who is joining us?!?

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