Sneak peek!

26 May 2010

Dennis Lau and our amazing photographer, Simon Chin

Well, remember our AIDSAware campaign? We have now moved on to the second part of it, the most exciting part, the one that involves CELEBRITIES!

(For the uninitiated, AIDSAware is a campaign designed to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. We aim to collect 13,000 photos of people holding up signs that contain statements/statistics about AIDS in memory of all the people in Malaysia who died from AIDS-related complications. Take part now at!)

So, we spent the whole of yesterday coordinating a photo shoot for all the amazing celebrities who wanted to take part in this campaign.

Here are a few sneak peek shots:

Erra Fazira

Hansen Lee

Jojo Struys
(who has worked tirelessly on this campaign along with PT and ruumz)

Harith Iskander

That's all you're getting! You're going to have to wait for the official release of these photos. Thanks for your support and please, please get involved with this campaign over at Ruumz.

Take care, everyone!

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