Seksualiti Merdeka's Here Y'all!

11 October 2010

You are fabulously invited to

Officiated by Edmund Bon, Chairperson of the Constitutional Law Committee at the Malaysian Bar Council
& Representative of United Nations in Malaysia
Emceed by Edwin Sumun

Wed 13 Oct, 8pm
The Annexe Gallery,
2nd Flr, Central Market Annexe,
(Behind Central Market), KL.

Featuring the unveiling of
SM 2010 Art Project: Portraits of the Unspoken
& Family Outing: Forum Theatre

Refreshments sponsored by Albion

“Seksualiti Merdeka is a much needed frank look at the very core of all us human beings, our sexuality, and the diversity that lies within. We need to accept and then celebrate.”
– Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir

13-17 October, 2010
The Annexe Gallery, KL

Calling all Malaysians to join in a group hug of Love, Acceptance and Compassion!

This year, Malaysia’s only sexuality rights festival, Seksualiti Merdeka, celebrates the spirit of family. Exploring the bonds that bring us together, the festival aims to promote both the family and the community's role in embracing diversity.

As the nation strives to realise its full democratic potential, with Malaysians becoming more aware of our constitutional rights, let's not forget about our sexuality rights. It is our right to be responsible for our own bodies, to be free from discrimination, violence and injustice, and to be respected for who we are, regardless of gender, sexuality, age, class, ethnicity or beliefs. Each of us has these rights, as enshrined by the UN International Human Rights Charter, the Yogyakarta Principles, and promoted by many human rights organisations local and international.

Whether we are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, asexual, or simply fabulous, we are brothers and sisters on this great journey toward independence and equality for all.

Art Project

Facilitated by Liew Kung Yu, assisted by Shieko
Artists: Hazri Haili, Jellene, Kal Idris, Ong Jo-lene, Tan Zi Hao

Acclaimed Malaysian artist Liew Kung Yu takes five young Malaysians, whose backgrounds range from artist to scientist, from straight to queer, on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. After six weeks of workshopping, mind-mapping and connecting with each other, they present two installations, one revealing their fears, hopes and uncertainties about being who they are, and the other inviting you to do the same.

Forum Theatre

Writer: Alfian Sa’at
Director: David Lim
Cast: Johan Yusof, Lim Tiong Wooi, Sandee Chew, Tung Jit Yang.
Produced by Hari Azizan & Lim Chung Wei

Written by award-winning Singaporean playwright Alfian Sa’at specially for Seksualiti Merdeka, this play is performed in the style of forum theatre, an interactive format which invites audiences to intervene and say what they would have said in those scenarios.

Synopsis: To his mother, Weiliang is the perfect son: he is acing college and going out with a lovely girl, Jeannie. What she doesn’t know is that her son is actually gay and Jeannie is only pretending to be the girlfriend. Racked by guilt and indecision, he thinks it might be time to come out to his mom. Jeannie is relieved, but Weiliang’s boyfriend, Freddie doesn’t think the mom is ready. Should Weiliang do it? How would his mom react? How SHOULD she react?

This performance is touring local colleges and universities.

SEKSUALITI MERDEKA 2010 (13-17 Oct, 2010) is supported by:

Amnesty International Malaysia
The Annexe Gallery
Bar Council Malaysia
HerStory Films Project
Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS)
Matahari Books
The Other Malaysia
Purple Lab
PT Foundation
United Nations Theme Group on HIV
Women's Candidacy Initiative

Many thanks also to:
Benjamin McKay, Cheryl Leong, Chong See Ming, Clarence Singham, Honey Tan, Ivy Josiah, Glen Goei, Kana Kula, Lina Tan, Maria Chin Abdullah, Marina Mahathir, Richard Wong, Warbaby

And all our lovely lovely volunteers!


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