HIV Testing Discussed

09 January 2011

With the increase in HIV infections could an HIV test become a life saver, am sure a lot of us would really like to believe and count on it, and yes maybe it is an answer. We all know that life has many facets like a diamond and some a rough and yet still beautiful, and on that not would like to encourage most of you to set a new start for yourselves, get tested and know your status.

What does knowing your status mean to you as an individual? Well i believe it is a way of assurance and also a way of knowing which direction your life is heading, anyway testing positive doesn't really mean an end to your life; its just about your changing your lifestyle and at most finding the best way to live your life, it doesn't stop you from having fun, doesn't limit you from dreaming big doesn't stop you from laughing and loving other people.

The most difficult thing is when you find out about your status when diagnosed positive and you don't tell anyone to help you cope with the situation. And the most hurtful thing you can ever do to yourself as an individual is to feel like nothing and moreover feel like the world has come to an end, well it doesn’t have to. It’s just the beginning of a different phase in your life. 

Get tested today and make a change in your life, some decisions are hard to make and yet very essential in our lives, some decisions are scary but at the end of the day they are worth more than what you were thinking, sometimes the outcomes are more comforting than being in total darkness. Some say ignorance is bliss but trust me ignorance in HIV is not bliss it’s scary. Some might think, i am better off not knowing than knowing the truth. But come to think about it, how many lives could you save by knowing your status, it could be one, it could be a dozen, even a hundred and who knows even a thousand, we never know.

Ignorance is not bliss; know your facts about HIV-AIDS and most of all know your HIV STATUS. To make it easy for yourself come for a free testing and counseling session, and by the way it’s anonymous, no one is out there to judge you. Make knowing your status this year one of your priorities as the year begins.

VCT Services

Telephone Counseling
Free and Anonymous HIV screening and counseling at PT Foundation! Same day results!

Questions and concerns? Want to remain anonymous and speak with someone non-judgmental? Our counselors can help you!
Call ahead for an appointment!
03-4044 4611

Call our counseling lines!
03-4044 5455 or 03-4044 5466
Held every week with the following days & times:
Tuesday @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday @ 11:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday @ 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Available every week Monday – Friday
7:30pm – 9:30pm

Support the AIDAware campaign and be part of it, by taking photos of yourself, family and friends, be the message, say what you feel and make your point, educate others and be educated about HIV-AIDS. Upload your pictures on

Have fun and while you at it, dont forget life is precious and getting tested is one way to show you care!

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