Sauna Cruising: How to Have safe fun

16 January 2011

sauna cruising

how to have safe fun

Date: 22 January 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 3.00pm – 6.00pm

Venue: @ the Albion KL - Jalan Berangan

why you must attend

You are interested in sauna cruising but you have not yet as you do not know how and you are afraid of the risks and danger of sauna cruising. Or you have been a regular to sauna cruising, and you always ended up being rejected and you are at a lost. Then, this session is for you and you need to come on by to join us to find out more the art of cruising at different sauna and to find out what are the dos and don'ts about sauna cruising.

who you will meet & WHO SHOULD ATTEND

This session is designed as a safe space for gay or bisexual men for those between the ages 18 & 30 years old plus.

SESSION methodology

· FACILITATOR led group discussions, activities, videos & games filled with experience sharing

· Group discussions & scenario analyses

· Gain the insight of others & individual selves

· Focused & fun-filled networking opportunities

*Note: - Admission is open to all but limited to first-come-first-served basis

- Register now as places are limited! RSVP your name, age and contact details to, or 03-4044 4611 by/before Friday (20 January 2011) at 12noon

- Materials & light refreshments included

- Please contact Jeremy or Julian via email or telephone to register
Jeremy Kwan
KopiTalk Coordinator

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Anonymous said...

Its a must highlight event to attend on your calender, you wouldn't want to miss on this one. seriously what bits having safe fun... mmm think about it you could learn something new and by the way you feel free to visit with your friends too, please do not hesitate to contact the persons mentioned for reservations, its important you register as space is limited you wouldn't want to register late only to be told sorry we are fully booked or sorry there is no more space to take in people, to avoid disappointments call NOW.. like NOW, while you at it invite a few friends too.

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