28 February 2011

AIDSAware Exhibition Launch

Last Thursday saw the official launch of the AIDSAware exhibition in the Gardens Mall, Mid Valley. The exhibition features 42 portraits of celebrities holding their personal AIDSAware messages. Hosted by Daphne Iking and Ben Ibriham, the evening was filled with fun, laughter and most importantly an opportunity to spread the message about HIV/AIDS.

All funds raised from the evening will go directly to PT Foundation contributing to their continued effort in preventing HIV. Raymond Tai, Acting Executive Director of PT Foundation, reminded everyone of the stigma and discrimination suffered by people living with HIV and how important it is to work towards eliminating such prejudices.

Displayed until the 13 March, the AIDSAware exhibition is an innovative and important way to spread the message and help stop AIDS. Take the time to visit the exhibition and be the message to Stop AIDS.

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