Aids virus vaccine 'could remove ALL traces of disease from sufferers for the rest of their lives'

19 September 2011

  • Vaccine enables immune system to be constatnly 'on the alert' for HIV
  • More than half of infected monkeys given vaccine showed 'no signs' of virus in tests
  • Human trials is next step for vaccine development
An experimental drug helped monkeys with a form of the AIDS virus control the infection for more than a year, suggesting it may lead to a vaccine for people, or even a cure.

Researchers said Cytomegalovirus (CMV) works by priming the immune system to quickly attack the HIV virus when it first enters the body, a point at which the virus is most vulnerable.

Dr Louis Picker of the Oregon National Primate Research Centre, whose study appears in the journal Nature, said he thinks it will be possible to have a vaccine ready to test in people within three years.