The Rock the Mountain for Charity

01 July 2009

Being Adventurous Can Help The Less Fortunate...

We are appealing to you and your friends to sponsor any amount that you can afford to support PT Foundation in this Charity Climb....

All collection raised will first go to Yayason Nanyang Press. From this collection, Yayasan Nanyang Press will reimburse PT Foundation 90% of the funds. The balance 10% goes to Nanyang Press Foundation to take care of expenses related to the climb. PT Foundation hope to raise RM20,000 which will go to fund HIV/AIDS prevention, support and care programmes targeted at marginalized communities in Malaysia.

You can also donate by writing a cheque to 'Yayasan Nanyang Press' or bank into Yayasan's OCBC Bank account 701-130-7746. Make sure you include the collector's name and PT Foundation's name at the back of the cheque.

If you need further clarification, please contact PT Foundation.
Press at 03-4044 4611

For queries regarding Nanyang Foundation, please contact Yayasan Nanyang.
Press at 03-7650 8669 / 7650 8694 or email to

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