Kopitalk - Coming Out

31 August 2009


"When all is said and done, gay men, like the rest of the human race, remain forever looking for
Happiness, mostly in vain. That is because, as myth would have us believe, happiness is not supposed to be associated with gay people, is it?

Received wisdom, however, tell us differently - Being gay is no bar to happiness, but being gay and closeted is. Need proof? Just witness how most gay men live a life of lies and excuses, of misery under constant fear of being outed.. not to mention the stress of conducting shaky relationships under the public radar..

This session, we celebrate the act of coming out - that of being one's true self, by exploring why this is the single most important act a gay man can do to his life and how it can be instrumental to the success of his search for happiness. As the proverbial saying goes, truth should indeed set you free.

This session is designed as a safe space for gay or bisexual men for those between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and will be held on 12 September at 3pm.

If you require more information/ or if you would like to register, we can be reached at:

Jeremy Kwan
(Kopitalk Coordinator)
PT Foundation
Tel : (603) 4044 4611
E-mail : ptf@ptfmalaysia.org

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