Kopitalk - Coming Out 2

05 October 2009

Coming Out 2
Set yourselves free.. HOW?

"It is a road much travelled - being gay and living a lifetime of deception and double life. And yet, as we had demonstrated in our last session, "coming out" can, indeed, be a life transforming act that would bring gay men their ultimate happiness and allow them to live an "honest" life.

Having said that, let's not pretend that "coming out" is anything other than the most daunting and traumatic struggle for all of us.
To be clear, "coming out" is not about screaming on top of one's voice: "I am gay!", because this world is not yet ready for such open and spontaneous declaration; nor is it about reinforcing the gay stereotype by ignoring convention and behaving outrageously to attract attention.. Rather, it is about planning and execution of strategies based on tried and tested "soft approaches" which this follow-up session aim to explore.
For those gay men who want a different and better lives but feel helpless, those who aspire to "coming out" but don't know how, those who feel guilty and frustrated simply for being gay and invisible, even for those who are "happily" closeted.. , this is your platform. Come to hear and be heard, learn and be inspired - take steps to change your fate and set yourselves free."

This session is designed as a safe space for gay or bisexual men for those between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and will be held on 24 October at 3pm.

If you require more information/ or if you would like to register, we can be reached at:

Jeremy Kwan
(Kopitalk Coordinator)
PT Foundation
Tel : (603) 4044 4611
E-mail : ptf@ptfmalaysia.org

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