AIDSAware photoshoot 3rd Sneak Peek!!!

09 June 2010


So we had our third photo shoot and I'm sure all of you just HAVE to see our behind the scenes shots.

This time, we had more behind the scenes type of shots because we wanted to give you an idea of what goes into the entire photoshoot.

Here are the first two photoshoots:
1. AIDSAware photoshoot sneak peek part 1
2. AIDSAware photoshoot sneak peek part 2

Here are the pictures from our third photoshoot:

Elaine Daly in the make-up room

Daphne Iking

(from left) Daphne Iking, Joannabelle and Raj Aria hanging out

Aishah Sinclair

Aliza Elizabeth enjoying her photoshoot

Will Quah
(can you give a 'cleaner' pose, Will, please? Thanks)

(yes, that's better) ;)

Sazzy Falak showing part of her message

We had a few others. But this is a sneak peek, people, we don't want to give everything away, now do we? You'll just have to wait for the release!

Thanks for reading. Come back next week to see a sneak peek to our last photoshoot!

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